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about me.
I am passionate about contemporary art and painting, and I believe in the beneficial effect of colors on our lives

My name is RROSS. I was born in France from a German mother and a French father of Italian origins. I have spent a big part of my life in Paris.

I was 20 years old when I got interested in art, and more specifically in contemporary art. The Art Deco and its artistic movements such as Bolidism were my very first choices. Thereafter, I turned to graphic art such as Pop Art which processes colors with intensity and without any concession.


I started to paint in 1991. My goal was to color my environment and my spirit. It is today scientifically proven; colors have real benefits on our minds. We currently live in difficult, sometimes very dark, times. Adding a few touches and splashes of color to withstand this darkness can only be beneficial.


In April 1998, I exhibited my artworks in the Parisian gallery A Part. A few months later, two of my paintings were exhibited in Japan, at the Yokohama ARTEC’98.


​In 2014, I left France to start a new life in Dubai. The positive vibes of this colorful and ultra-modern city gave me new inspirations and brought me to digital painting, using sometimes my own photos.

Each artwork is printed in 30 copies. The edition number is certified on each artwork.

In order to obtain a colorful result, all my artworks are printed on an aluminum support (dye sublimation). The finishing is just incredible. It is thin, solid, and it stands the test of time. Furthermore, this process enhances the colors and the light. Click here to see the video.


Painting turned into music.

Breaking point.jpg

Breaking Point is the name I gave this artwork.

I wanted to use this incredible wall sculpture from Pierre Puget at the Louvre in Paris to turn it into a meaningful and symbolic painting.

The bright colors added to the dramatic event happening in this sculpture symbolise hope and love.

I posted this artwork on instagram rross.official. After few days, the pianist and composer, Alexander Margin, contacted me to turn my painting into music for a concert in New York which he called "Inside the Tableaux".

His composition is amazing and captivating. I want to thank Alexander for his beautiful work and words. 

Please take your time to watch the video. 


Alexander Margin





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